The state Duma has postponed consideration of the law on the punishment of the Mat in the family

The state Duma has postponed consideration of the law on the punishment of the Mat in the family

While the state Duma will not consider the resonant draft law on the punishment for swearing in the family. About it RBC was told by the head of the Committee for legislation and state building Pavel Krasheninnikov. The project still has not appeared in the parliamentary database.

Resonance the initiative on the prohibition of the Mat in the family was introduced by a group of deputies-United Russia, headed by Valentina Tereshkova even during the last convocation. In late June, it was supported by the profile state Duma Committee on legislation and state building.

In the Committee the necessity of taking explained, “a significant number of offenses in domestic relations”, for which the incumbent of the administrative code required punishment is provided. However, information on the consideration of the bill at the meeting of the Committee on legislation on June 22 still not been placed in the parliamentary database, unlike other projects then reviewed. His work is still not submitted to the Duma Council, which approves the date of consideration of the bill in plenary.

“While the Committee will offer the Duma to consider it,” said Krasheninnikov RBC, but noted that this does not mean that the project will be delayed for a long time. The delay, he explained including the public response caused by the initiative.

Another MP told RBC that “the bill is totally unenforceable”. “If all who are mothers at home, starting to plant for fifteen days, we have, excuse me, “the monkey” is not enough,” he said.

Amendments Tereshkova and her colleagues entered to article 20.1 of the administrative code (“disorderly conduct”): the norm is that a small disorderly conduct is considered a “violation of public order expressing clear disrespect for society, accompanied by swearing” only “in public places”.

According to the authors, the ability to punish the Mat at home will have a positive impact “on the moral relations, the upbringing of a minor” and will eliminate “a tense atmosphere in the places of residence and stay of citizens, [causing] them a sense of insecurity,” reads the explanatory note.

The bill also strengthens the responsibility for disorderly conduct: fine deputies suggest to increase twice — from 1 thousand to 2 thousand rubles. in addition, the Mat in the family to administrative arrest up to 15 days or 40 hours of compulsory work. If the offender had been disobeying the police, the penalty will make from 2 thousand to 3 thousand roubles (now from 1 thousand to 2.5 thousand) second offense, according to the authors, will face a fine of from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days, or by compulsory works for a term up to 80 hours.

The adoption of this bill insists interior Ministry, told RBC a source in the Committee on legislation. According to him, the project must address the issue of responsibility for domestic drunkenness, which is absent in the Federal code of administrative offences, as spelled out in the regional codes. However, the composition of domestic drunkenness in the regional codes were abrogated by the claims of the Prosecutor’s office because of overlap with Federal article on hooliganism, said one of the authors.