Who was six years in the international search Russian arrested in Spain

Spanish security forces detained in Alicante (Autonomous region of Valencia) is a citizen of Russia, who was in 2011 in the international wanted list. This was reported on the website of the Civil guard of Spain.

In documents of the Agency the man marked with initials LP, and he’s 42 years old. According to the Spanish law enforcement authorities, he was declared wanted by Russian authorities on suspicion of fraud with budgetary funds.

To stay on the territory of the Kingdom of man used forged documents of the citizen of Ukraine.

On 27 January, the Spanish authorities extradited to Russia the inhabitant of Stavropol Alexey Shiyan, accused in the homeland in the killings. The first time Shiyan was arrested in 2007 in Spain, where he lived with a local resident. He was extradited to Russia, where in 2008, stood trial and was acquitted by the jury. Russia’s Supreme court overturned the acquittal, but by the time Shiyan managed to go to Spain. The second time he was arrested in 2014. The court released him with the condition of permanent marks in the police, but Shiyan gone again, while there was a process of re-extradition to Russia.