The Russians began to estimate more positive relations with the United States, the survey showed


RIA Novosti

The Russians have become more positive to evaluate the relations between Russia and the United States, according to Friday data from the survey of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM). Reduced the number of those who assess the relations between Moscow and Washington in the negative, less people began to notice the deterioration of relations.

According to the study, overall 50% of respondents estimate relations between the countries as bad, 29% think they are “something good, something bad,” only 6% assess the interaction between Russia and the United States as good. According to the survey, from February 2016, the number of those who negatively evaluates the relations of the two countries, decreased markedly from 63% to 50%.

As sociologists have found, 38% of the respondents noted the deterioration in relations between Russia and the United States over the past year, while in January a similar view was held by 51% of respondents. According to the latest public opinion Foundation, 14% of respondents found it difficult to assess the cooperation between the two countries and another 11% think it has improved.

Among the main reasons for the deterioration of relations with Washington, the Russians call policy of the United States (24%), the behavior of both countries in equal measure (11%) or the policy of Russia (2%).

According to the study, 50% of respondents found it difficult to Express their attitude to the US President Donald Trump, another 25% said they treat it negatively, and 24% were positive.

The survey was conducted on June 24-25, among 1,5 thousand respondents in 104 localities.