The mayor of Magadan commented on the situation with the family exhausted boy


the press service of the Ombudsman under the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of the child

The adoptive parents of 11-year-old boy from Magadan, driven to exhaustion, with the responsibility to educate children and behave with them properly, according to the mayor of the capital of Kolyma Yuriy grishan.

According to preliminary data, the child lived in foster care since 2008. The foster mother treated him badly, almost fed and given medicines, which the child seemed to get worse. As a result, 11-year-old boy was hospitalized in Moscow with a weight of 11 pounds. It is noted that the guardianship and custody has improperly carried out his duties, did not control the conditions of residence of the child in foster care. Now the child temporarily installed custody from two guardians: a former resident of Magadan, now living in Moscow, Nadezhda Papp and Muscovite Svetlana Suleymanova, said he was willing to take care of the boy.

“Foster parents perform their duties responsibly in front of the boy. The mother proved that education, maintenance, training, treatment and diet of the child she was doing the right thing. Adults are very sloppy intervened in family and personal life foster parents. Destroy the family, especially reception, very easy, but to recover… I hope for a fair outcome to this situation”, — quotes the website of the municipality of Magadan words Grishanov.

The Governor of Magadan oblast have sent a letter to the Ministry of health of Russia with a request to conduct an extended consultation on the correctness of the diagnosis and treatment of the child. “Now temporarily set the custody of our countrywoman Nadezhda Papp, and the second guardian at the insistence of Moscow appointed temporarily Svetlana Suleymanova. Although we have doubts on the comfort of the child in the family housing, where many foster children do not correspond to the Moscow — ten square meters per person”, — said Yuriy grishan.