Bianca denied entry to Ukraine


R&B singer, Bianca is not allowed on the territory of Ukraine. She announced this in Instagram. The representative of the Ukrainian state border service Oleg Slobodyan confirmed the information to “Gromadska”.

According to him, the entry of the singer, whose real name is Tatyana Lipnitskaya, banned for three years. The reason for such measures was her visit to the Crimea.

In the social network Bianca showed a page of the passport stamped “denied entry to Ukraine”. She had to perform in Odessa on June 30. “Those who have been following my work and my life, you know, I lived six years in Kiev, has traveled the length and breadth of Ukraine, has received various national awards, wrote a track on the Ukrainian”, — she wrote.

All yo!.:( From my recent posts, you know that I and my band were supposed to perform in Odessa (Ukraine).?? Those who have been following my work and my life, know I’m 6 years old I lived in Kiev, has traveled the length and breadth of Ukraine, has received various national awards, wrote the track in Ukrainian ( as well you know the language)?? and consider Ukraine as their Homeland no less, than Belarus and Russia. I ,as a writer, performer, musician and creative people, primarily for people fans and do it from the heart ???❤I ❤I ❤it’s amazing for your soul!!! I do not support any political organization and I have nothing to do with politics.. at times, due to the busy concert schedule and other artistic things, I don’t remember where I was for the last month and what events happened there ..( like most artists, believe me!!) My intervention in Crimea!! was as studious and sincere as previous 50′ !!!!!!!!!!!!❤?? Yesterday I cried ?after talking with a representative of the border service of Ukraine in Odessa, after I put a stamp in the passport about the refusal of entry to the territory of a country with which we speak almost same Language !!!!(Because I am a citizen of Belarus)✌ now I’m not offended or angry, but rather very much hope that this letter will see and I will ASAP come to you with tours and going to buy, “crustaceans” on “supply”????❤ I and my band, love you and am looking forward to meeting with the Ukrainian Masatami!!!❤??? In the name Sola RNB and Hip-Hop???❤ ë????

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According to the singer, she considers Ukraine her homeland as well as Russia and Belarus. Bianca added that has nothing to do with politics.

Earlier, Kiev denied entry to the country, in particular, the musician Vadim Samoilov, one of the founders of the group “Agatha Christie”, as well as Directors Nikita Mikhalkov and Stanislav Govorukhin.

Lipnitskaya was born in 1985 in Minsk. For some time she worked at the State orchestra of symphonic and variety music of Belarus. Then became a pop singer. In 2005 she was offered to represent Belarus at the Eurovision song contest, but she refused to work with hip-hop artist Seryoga (she participated in the recording of his album). All Bianca has released five albums. In 2010 she moved to Moscow.