In Moscow called the absurd idea to establish a secret channel of communication with his son trump

Jared Kushner

Son-in-law and Advisor to the President of the United States Jared Kushner were not offered to the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak to create a “secret channel” of communication with Moscow. This “Izvestia” said a senior source in the Russian diplomatic circles, calling such speculation absurd.

“The Embassy has closed the communication channel. He’s the one. This is a phone that can talk are just some of the most senior workers of the Embassy. The connection is encrypted. It is normal practice for all countries of the world. Creating a new communication channel is technically impossible,” — said the source.

Another diplomatic source added that “to whom exactly Mr. Kouchner has no relations with is Russia.” “Look for Russia in this case is simply insane. Mr Kouchner — a man representing business interests in the definite region. Of course, it has a serious effect, because billions of dollars investment is a huge factor of influence,” he said.

According to the source, an attempt to link Russia this story is done in order to “cover absolutely clear political and business interests in the middle East.” “Trying to find a trace of the Russian Federation failed, the more oblivious of the underlying business potential,” — said the source publication.

That Kushner and Kislyak discussed the possibility of creating a “secret and secure channel of communication” between the transition team of trump and the Kremlin, wrote the newspaper the Wasington Post, citing an intelligence report on may 26. According to the newspaper, Kislyak told the leadership in Moscow that Kouchner made the offer during a meeting in early December in the trump tower in new York. It is alleged became known to American authorities from the “intercept the Russian messages”.

Earlier it was reported that Kouchner had concealed at least three contacts with the Russian Ambassador. According to sources among American officials, we are talking about contacts during and after the presidential campaign of 2016. Among them, as specified, there were two phone calls in the period from April to November last year.