Mexican prosecutors accused Makeeva first-degree murder

Alexei Makeev

Russian Alexey Makeeva, who suffered in a clash with the crowd in Cancun, charged with first-degree murder. On Monday, may 29, reported RIA Novosti, the Russian Consul in Mexico Dmitry Bolbot.

According to him, Makeev was taken to the Prosecutor’s office, where he was read his rights and charged with first-degree murder. Within 48 hours the judge will have to decide which prison to send. To wait for a decision it will be in the detention center.

With reference to prosecutors of the state of Quintana Roo, the Consul reported that on average, such an investigation is pending sentencing in about three months.

“The Makeyev flatly refused the help of the Embassy and stated that under no circumstances wants to go back to Russia. He intends to contact local counsel to protect his rights. Despite this, the Embassy continues to monitor the situation and respecting his rights,” the diplomat said.

In addition to the case against Makeeva, state attorney’s office also is investigating the attack on his house and the conduct of the police had Russian assistance and protection.

Earlier it was reported that Makeev was discharged from the hospital and detained at the social rehabilitation centre. His condition is satisfactory, the operations he refused. He also refuses the help of the Embassy.

Several hundred people on may 19, surrounded the house Makeeva in Cancun and attacked him. One Mexican was wounded and died after the attack, the Russian was seriously injured.

Aggression the residents of Cancun Makeev caused by the fact that for no reason insulted people on the streets, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. In many videos he insulted Mexicans on racial grounds, and showed a swastika.