The Venezuelan opposition has reported nearly 250 injured in the protests

Henrique Capriles

The opposition claims that during the protests in Venezuela Monday, may 29, injured nearly 250 people. It is reported portal El Nacional.

According to opposition leader and Governor of Miranda state Henrique Capriles, was injured 247 people, of whom 65 were wounded with iron bars, 66 — shot, 90 was asphyxiation from gases from four citizens fractures, 22 were beaten.

The opposition has accused of perpetrating attacks Venezuelan security forces and brought to the statement the clashes with the government, persons with criminal records.

“In Las Mercedes attacked us, when we retreated, the national Bolivarian guard, we were robbed, beaten, my team was hurt,” wrote Capriles on Twitter.

From the beginning of April in Venezuela continue mass actions of protest. Citizens Express dissatisfaction with the economic situation and require the appointment of early elections.