Novak relied on the sale of thousands of MS-21 aircraft in 20 years

Deliveries of the latest Russian passenger liner MS-21 can reach a thousand units until 2037. About it as transfers TASS, said Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov

“The achievement of the declared technical and economic characteristics, the creation of an effective modern system of integrated logistics support and after-sales services, and also formation of favorable financial models of sales will go to the total volume of deliveries of MS-21 over 1 thousand aircraft in the period up to 2037,” — said Manturov.

According to him, the Russian aircraft will allow airlines to reduce operating costs by 12-15 percent compared with Airliners of the same class, and 6-7%, if you compare them with their upgraded versions.

On may 28, the MS-21 airliner made its first flight. As stated in the manufacturer “Irkut”, the flight duration was 30 minutes, it took place at an altitude of 1000 meters at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

“The flight plan included testing the aircraft for stability and control, as well as the handling of the engines. In accordance with the program during the flight made simulated landing approach with the subsequent passage of the strip, climb and turn,” — said in a statement.

After completion of the flight test pilot Oleg Kononenko, piloting the ship, said that the flight mission is made in full. “The flight went normally. Comments that prevent the continuation of the tests, it is not revealed” — are his words in the press release, “Irkut”.

The President of the Corporation Oleg Demchenko said that in the next 20 years in the segment of MS-21 global demand will be about 15 000 new Airliners.

Short and medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21 is being created to replace the outdated vessels of the Tu-154. The liner is able to carry from 150 to 210 passengers. The maximum flight distance — up to five thousand kilometers.

At the moment the portfolio of orders for MS-21 is 285 aircraft, including 185 cars enclosed solid (provincialnye) contracts. At the end of 2018 or early 2019 first flight instances of MS-21 should be put “to Aeroflot”.