Jamal defended starred in his pants during her performance at “Eurovision” Prancer

Ukrainian singer Jamal said that doesn’t blame the prankster, Vitaly Seduce, who took off his pants during her performance at “Eurovision-2017”. On Sunday, may 28, writes the edition “Observer”.

“At this moment, doing security, which was a lot? For me it is a question, and I’ll deal with it. He was able to push, hit. Here to protect and to the organizers I have many questions,” — said Jamal. She noted that the wag was more freaked out than she is.

May 14 in Kiev during a speech to the guests of “Eurovision-2017” Jamala on stage ran Seduc with the Australian flag and took off his pants. Security immediately took him from the scene, and the singer did not respond to the incident.

He later explained his action. “I love Jamal, I love her work. If it was in the West, during the performance, beyoncé and Minaj, I would in this way have increased the rating of this song” — said the wag.