The Kremlin has rejected reports of attempts to distance themselves from the renovation

The capital program emergency relocation is not a Kremlin project. So the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented that the Kremlin is trying to distance themselves from the renovation, reports “Interfax” on Friday, may 26.

“What does it mean to distance themselves? This is not a Kremlin program, this is not a project of the presidential administration and it is not the initiative of the President,” Peskov said, stressing that the question itself is incorrect.

He recalled that the idea to carry out the renovation of dilapidated housing was announced by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin during his meeting with the head of state. “And the President just gave a rating to this program,” — said Peskov.

May 16, answering the question of whether the Kremlin is the situation surrounding the demolition of five-story buildings, the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow authorities have demonstrated a willingness to consider all the comments of the population. He also noted that “this is a difficult project, but at the same time extremely useful.”

In February, Putin asked the Metropolitan mayor to demolish Khrushchev and build in their place new housing. Sobyanin during the meeting noted that the Moscow authorities “brought to its logical conclusion” projects of demolition five-story building.