Trump has supported the idea to bring Russia to justice over the Crimea and Donbass

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump assured his Italian counterpart and Prime Minister of Italy, he supported the idea to bring Russia to justice over the annexation of Crimea and events in Eastern Ukraine. This is stated in the official press release about their talks posted on the White house website.

“President trump reaffirmed the common position of the countries on both sides of the Atlantic on the question of bringing Russia to account for its actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and also stressed the importance of convincing Moscow of the need to fulfill obligations under the Minsk agreements”, — stated in the text of the document after the meeting trump with President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

In addition to the situation in Crimea and Ukraine, the US President has discussed with leaders of the Italian cooperation in the fight against terror and thanked them for their contribution to counterterrorism operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Previously on 24 may trump committing first overseas tour, and his family took Pope Francis. Observers have noticed that both the wife and daughter of an American leader has covered the head. Earlier in Saudi Arabia, they refused to do this.