More than a hundred orphans received apartments in the suburbs

The municipal authorities of the Moscow region purchased 109 apartments for children-orphans with the beginning of the year. This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Olga Zabralova, reports “Moscow today”, Wednesday, may 24.

Only in 2017 it is planned to provide apartments 681 child of the 63 municipalities. For these purposes allocated over 1.7 billion rubles, said Zabralova.

According to the newspaper, 570 orphans found in this year of the family. Over 900 foster parents have received specialized training.

In September 2014, in the Serpukhov district of Moscow region opened a family town for large foster families. Cottage village is located in the village Raisemenovskoe and can accommodate 17 families. Each family received a two-storey house with four bedrooms for children, one for parents and a living room and six acres of land.