Former US Secretary of state Kerry advised the Americans to learn Russian language

John Kerry

Former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry advised the American students to learn Russian language. Excerpts from the speech of a diplomat, which he will deliver later in high School, John F. Kennedy school of government at Harvard University, published by the newspaper Politico.

“I am often asked what is the secret in order to exert real influence on the government. I used to say that it is necessary to either run for office or get a degree in School named Kennedy. Lately everything has changed. I would say that the current administration in the White house need to buy a program for learning languages and teaching Russian”, — quotes words of the diplomat Politico.

Kerry held the post of Secretary of state at last President Barack Obama.

May 11, host of the program Clapback on Fox News Julia Roginsky (Julie Roginsky) started broadcast in Russian. According to her, it was much better to speak in Russian after numerous investigations of the relations of the US President Donald trump with Russia. “I wanted to show potential employers that can speak their language,” admitted Roginsky. She later said that her words “came to Russia” and that “has turned from a bear into a Troll.”

Moscow has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. Such statements, in particular, contained in the published in January, declassified part of the report, which was prepared by the Central intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of investigation and the national security Agency of the United States. It said that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize a campaign to discredit the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and win the Republican Donald trump. Russia denies all these charges.