Two horses Kadyrov will take part in the race for the President prize

In the race for the prize of the President of Russia, which will be held at the Moscow Hippodrome on June 11, will take part two horse the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. On Wednesday, may 24, reports TASS.

Senior coach of equestrian sports of the Chechen Republic said Saptayev said: “It’s stallions ducky and si Coud. They have a large experience in prestigious equestrian competitions, and June 11 will compete for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation”. He said that the si Coud have won these races in 2015.

“Of course, we always, including now, we expect in the first place, but it is a sport, and the results will be known at the end of the competition,” said Saptayev. According to him, this year are expected to be serious competitors.

The President of Russia prize was established in 2004 on the initiative of the Ministry of agriculture and supported by the government. The tournament was held at racecourses Kazan, Rostov-on-don, Pyatigorsk, then was transferred to Moscow, where this year will take place for the ninth time.

In 2015, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic refused to pay the prize for winning a race horse owned by Kadyrov. The reason was that the head of Chechnya included in the sanctions lists of the European Union. “Even newborn foals laugh at the fact that Western countries make decisions limiting the moving of horses from one country to another, and use the funds earned at the races”, — commented the politician.

In October 2014, the organizers of horse races in Germany are also not paid winnings for winning horse owned by Kadyrov Zazu. A month later the decision was revised.