In Japan arrested were wanted 45 years left extremist

The police of the Japanese city Hiroshima was detained 67-year-old Masaaki Osaka Prefecture, who is suspected of killing a law enforcement officer, committed in 1972. About it reports The Japan Times.

According to investigators, the man is one of the leaders of the Japanese revolutionary Communist League, an extremist organization of the ultraleft-wing parties, formed in 1957.

Osaka took part in the mass demonstrations demanded the return of Okinawa under the control of Japan and the withdrawal of the American military. It is believed that he 14 Nov 1971 in police threw a bottle with incendiary mixture, which killed one of the guards.

He alleged extremist refused to answer questions at the police station and call his name. In order to ascertain his identity, will be examined DNA.

Since 1972 in Okinawa are U.S. troops at military bases, occupying a total of 18 percent of the island. The presence of US forces on the island is causing protests by local residents. They are outraged by the crimes committed by the us military.

May 20, 2016 in Okinawa Prefecture, Japanese police arrested a 32-year-old American Kenneth Franklin, a suspect in the murder of 20-year-old local resident Rina Shimabukuro. The girl’s body was found in the woods. The incident received a wide public resonance. Thousands of island residents came out to protest against the US military presence. Many of the protesters were holding placards on which was written that, while in Japan there are US military bases, crimes will continue.