An eyewitness told about the minimum clearance when passing to the “Manchester Arena”

Visitor who came to the concert by American singer Ariana Grande in Manchester (UK), after which the attack occurred, reported “almost zero” screening during the entrance to the stadium. Comments about this Czech radio reported Nicola Trajcova, which was among the spectators of the concert.

“The inspection at the entrance to the concert almost was not, it was zero. Using any framework metal detectors, we were not. The only thing that interested supervisors — do we have their water bottles,” said Traktowa.

According to her, the stadium security did not look in the bags of visitors. Also, no one can control what the audience sneaked in clothes.

Trokhova said that the explosion happened after the concert, when the singer left the stage. At this time, the spectator together with her girlfriends was at the exit to the street. “Open was, I think, three entrances onto the street. The explosion occurred at the main exit, through which left the building most of the audience,” she said.

According to the latest data, the explosion made by the suicide bomber who killed 22 people. In hospitals there are 59 people. Police said he considers the incident as a terrorist attack.

Video: criticoenserio / YouTube