Texas students smashed a statue of Lenin because of disagreement with his policies

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Teenagers from the village of Ushumun (Amur region) has damaged a monument to Vladimir Lenin because of disagreements with him on political issues. This was reported on the website of the regional branch of the Communist party.

In pioneer Day on may 19, two pupils from the eighth and ninth grades, the school oswanski smashed the monument with objects resembling baseball bats. They damaged the hands and feet of the sculpture, chipping off part of his jacket, broke the pedestal and vases.

The teenagers pleaded guilty, their actions are explained by disagreement with the policy of Lenin. According to the Director of the school informed the students was not seen in hooligan antics, and one of them recently took second place in the Olympic games history. Students have expressed readiness to restore the sculpture with their parents.

As reported by RIA Novosti in Transbaikalian linear Department of internal Affairs on transport, the police held with students of the conversation in the presence of parents. Was made the administrative Protocol under article 5.35 of the administrative code — failure to perform or improper performance of duties on education of minors.

A statue of Lenin in Ushumun was installed in 1939. It is the object of monumental art of regional significance.

In June 2016 in Moscow in one of the courtyards demolished a monument to Lenin from the pedestal and beheaded. Next was attached the sheet with the rebus, the solution to which — the word is “hangman”.