Vasiliev explained the necessity of compulsory exam on the history

Olga Vasilyeva

Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva told what to do on the compulsory for graduates, reports TASS.

“Well enough story know neither the students nor the students. It is necessary to know the history of their country, literature and art of their country, music, advances in technology for a very simple goal: to heart has always been a sense of pride and ownership,” she said.

18 may Minister of education and science announced that from 2020 on the history of CSE will be mandatory for all graduates. Previously, she claimed that “no one, after 11 years of training, do not know their history.”

As an experiment, the exam began to introduce in Russian schools in 2001, after several years of EGE on the Russian language and mathematics became compulsory for graduates in all regions. While this 11th grader must obtain a rating not below established by Rosobrnadzor. Also, students independently chose to take the exam several subjects required for admission to the University.