Beaten by the Mexicans for racist videos Russian paralyzed

Russian Alexei Makeyev, which the inhabitants of the Mexican city of Cancun tried to Lynch for racial insults on the streets, paralyzed, doctors put him in an artificial coma. About it reports on Sunday, may 21, RIA Novosti with reference to the Consul of Russia in Mexico city Dmitry Bolbot.

“He is unconscious, paralyzed in an induced coma with a traumatic brain injury,’ said Bolbot Agency TASS. As reported by the Consul at the hospital, life Makeeva out of danger, but about the consequences of the injury can only be determined after examination and treatment.

The Russian Embassy contacted the management of the hospital, where Makeev, and it was assured that the Russians will carry out all possible treatment, noted Bolbot. In addition, the Consulate agreed with the chief of police of the state of Quintana Roo on the allocation of enhanced protection for the victim.

The aggression of the Mexicans, a native of Elektrostal caused by the fact that for no reason insulted the people on the streets, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. In many videos, the man insulted the Mexicans on racial grounds, and showed the Nazi swastika.

Anonymous México / YouTube

May 19, a crowd of residents of Mexican Cancun came to a small house in which lived Russian. For a long time the audience did not attempt attack. However, at some point, he wounded one of the Mexicans, according to one, a knife, on the other — shot from the weapon. After that, people broke in and began to beat Makeev with sticks and throwing objects at him. From the violence the man was rescued by the police and he was taken to the hospital.

It turned out that Alexei Makeyev is famous for its behavior not only in Mexico but also in Russia. It was filmed by the TV show “confession” alleging that he is mentally ill.