The actress has stripped down to protest against the waste landfill near the city of Bryansk

Actress Nadezhda Nechaeva undressed and has recorded a video message to residents of the Bryansk region, in which she called urgently to stop the construction of landfill for solid household waste (SHW) close to Karachev. This record is a native of this city sent to the media transmit “Bryansk news”.

Throughout the movie she covers her Breasts with hands, in full growth it does not show.

According to 54-year-old actress, who decided to bring “the naked truth”, the dump two kilometers from Karachev is a danger to all its inhabitants: “No one will be saved”. She also expressed dissatisfaction with those citizens who do not support the protests. “You think about the health of their children, about their future and not come to protest against landfill, the bottom of which I stand,” said Nechayev with irony.

She urged the concerned to go to the rally on may 25.

Video: Maksim Gurkin / VKontakte

On the website a petition “against landfill in Karachi”. In circulation, addressed to the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy and President Vladimir Putin, said that the dump opens in the forest, one kilometre from the Holy spring, surrounded by five settlements. “It will be a mass extermination of all living things, poison the water and environment as a whole”, — stated in the text of the petition, which was signed by about 600 people.

The newspaper “Bryansk street” says that the permission for construction of the polygon for storage of solid waste were received in 2002. The project has passed two examinations. In its implementation of the Federal budget allocated $ 28 million. Active protests against the construction of the facility began in 2016, the introduction of the landfill into operation in the end was postponed. However, in may 2017 activists became known that it will open this summer.

Hope Nechayev has appeared in several TV series: “where are you”, “COP in the law 8”, “Matchmaker”.