Media reported about the ongoing IG test toxic substances on humans


The terrorists of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in several countries, including Russia) have toxic substances on humans, before applying them in combat. On Sunday, may 21, reports The Independent, with reference to the newspaper The Times.

As writes the edition, terrorists might deadly chemicals on prisoners. Toxic compounds are emitted from pesticides and mixed with food and water, which is then given to the prisoners.

Information about the conducted experiments was found in the cache at the University of Mosul after Iraqi forces liberated the city from terrorists. In the documents are test results, as well as recipes for making poisons. So, one of the prisoners were poisoned with thallium sulfate. He died within ten days, suffering from fever, nausea and swelling of the brain. Another prisoner was given injections of nicotine and derived compounds.

Experts fear that the ISIS might try to poison food in Western countries and this will lead to numerous victims. According to them, extremists continue to test pesticides on people in raqqa (Syria).

In February 2017, the Pentagon announced that the University of Mosul, the militants produced poison gas mustard gas. According to Colonel, U.S. air force John Dorrian, it was one of the laboratories of terrorists to manufacture chemical weapons.