Belgian police will be punished for the knights Templar cross

In Belgium Wallonia the police will be punished for violation of professional ethics of the employee who bore the cross of the knights Templar in uniform, said on Saturday, may 20, RIA Novosti with reference to the broadcaster RTBF.

Gripping the cross, the symbol of the medieval knights Templar, or “Templars”, a police officer attached to the armor as a breastplate. He got into the lenses of cameras during the filming of reportage in the municipality of Couvin and has caused journalists suspected that the guard demonstrates its relationship with right-wing extremist organizations.

Discover “Templar” caused a public outcry, police called the employee in for questioning where he denied any involvement in radical movements or sects. It was also found that the cross of the knights Templar police were on service in 2016, and nobody was giving him comments about the wrong mark on the uniform.

Suspicion about the commitment of the police to extremist ideas have not confirmed, but it still will be punished for violation of professional ethics, the Agency said. To establish the true motives of the police would conduct an internal investigation.

The Templars, or Poor Knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon — spiritual-knightly order founded in the Holy land in 1119, after the First crusade, a small group of knights led by Hugues de Payne. One of the first since the founding of religious military orders, along with the Hospitallers. In XII-XIII centuries, the order was one of the most powerful and influential, “the Templars” owned extensive land holdings in established Crusader States in Palestine and Syria, and Europe.