The NYT found out about the deactivation of the network recruited by the CIA of Chinese officials

The Chinese authorities have managed to detect about two dozen CIA agents in the management bodies and neutralize them — to kill or put in jail, writes the newspaper the New York Times, citing sources in the US intelligence community.

In particular, it is argued that since the end of 2010 to the end of 2012, the Chinese have killed at least a dozen informants, the CIA, and one of them was shot in the courtyard of a government building as a signal to others of the dangers of working for U.S. intelligence. According to the intelligence community, the Chinese revealed 18-20 agents.

According to interlocutors of the edition, initially, the CIA managed to recruit a number of officials “in the depths of the Beijing bureaucracy” — mainly on the cooperation went, those who were disappointed with the “corruption” of the government. Until 2010 intelligence network regularly supplied American intelligence necessary information about the internal activities of the Chinese government, but then the flow began to dry up.

This problem was considered quite serious, and the CIA shared with the FBI began an investigation to determine the cause of the incident. Was checked almost every employee of the U.S. Embassy in China, regardless of rank. Some specialists who conducted the investigation, suggested that the Chinese hacked into an encrypted channel of communication between agents and center, others suspected that the Chinese division of the CIA was a traitor working for the Beijing.

Under special suspicion I got one of the former professionals who had access to information about the agent — the citizen of the United States, ethnic Chinese, who left the CIA shortly before a succession of failures and settled in one of the Asian countries with my family. There he was engaged in business, and as I suspect his former colleagues, opportunities that he provided the PRC. The former employee was able to interview in the U.S., he rejected all suspicions and proved that he has reason to live in a new place, and then returned to Asia. Sufficient evidence against him to collect and failed.

The loss of these Chinese agents in the CIA’s appreciated as one of the most severe in decades.

In April, the Beijing Department of the Ministry of public security of China announced the payment of monetary awards to citizens who provide information about foreign spies. For this kind of data donositeli can get from 10 to 500 thousand yuan (1.5 to 72 thousand dollars) depending on the value of the information provided.