A Chinese businessman in the 21-th time attempt to go to University

Chinese businessman Liang Shi (Liang Shi) in June, 21st will pass the entrance exam to the University. On Friday, may 19, reports The South China Morning Post.

“Without the experience of studying at the Institute life is incomplete”, — the newspaper quoted a 50-year-old entrepreneur.

As the newspaper notes, China Liang Shi was nicknamed “the most crazy applicant”. He is currently the morning till night preparing for the exams which will be held from 7 to 9 June.

The first time a man tried to enter a higher educational institution in 1983, but not scored required for admission scores. It is reported that the son of a businessman had already obtained a higher education.

In 2016, Liang Shi scored 453 points out of the 750 required for admission. This year the entrance exams to the universities will take about nine million students.

In 2001, the authorities have removed the age limit for admission to the University. Up to this point in high school it was possible to do only up to 25 years.