After escaping in a Congolese prison, there are only four prisoners

From prison in the city of Kasangulu, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ran 73 of the 77 prisoners. On Friday, may 19, reports Reuters.

Mass escape from prison was committed on the night of Friday. “Criminals climbed the wall. When the guard went to inform the police, he left the door open, through which they fled”, — quotes Agency the words of the head of the local civil society Valentin Vanga.

It is noted that ten of the prisoners were detained.

This is the second mass escape of prisoners from the Congolese prison for a week. 17 may the chief of the penitentiary institutions of the DRC capital city Kinshasa escaped leader of a local Christian cult Not Muanda Nsemi and fifty prisoners.

Religious cult preacher called Bundu dia Kongo aims to revive the Kingdom of Congo, which existed at the mouth of the same river for several centuries.

The Kingdom of Congo — the African state in the pre-colonial era, formed to the XIV century and the XVIII century disintegrated.