The Chinese army will fight with enemy swimmers in the South China sea rocket-propelled grenade launchers

At the disposal of the units of the Chinese army stationed in the South China sea, were rocket-propelled grenades. It is reported TASS with reference to the news

The new equipment was installed to combat enemy combat swimmers-saboteurs on the island Junsu (English title — “Fairy cross”). According to the portal, disatisfying rocket launcher CS/AR1 provide automatic target detection, guidance and support until the destruction.

The range of the complex is 500 meters from the base modifications and up to one kilometer in upgraded.

Islands in the South China sea are the subject of a territorial dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. Most tense is the situation around the Scarborough reef, also South of the Spratly archipelago, which is believed rich in oil and gas.

On 12 July the court of arbitration in the Hague has determined that Beijing has no right to the disputed territory in the South China sea. In response, the President of China, XI Jinping stated that the Islands in the South China sea since ancient times are an integral territory of China.