In Afghanistan, an armed attack on the building of the broadcasting company

In the city of Jalalabad, located in the East of Afghanistan, an armed attack on the building of the state broadcasting company of the country’s RTA. On Wednesday, may 17, reports Tolo News.

Unknown persons attacked at 10:00 local time (8:30 GMT). Currently a clash between the attackers and security forces continues. According to witnesses, shots fired.

According to the channel, near the building of television and radio is the home of the Governor of Nangarhar province.

None of operating in the country by extremist groups has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

On 28 April, the Afghan Taliban, banned in Russia, announced the start of annual spring offensive. In an official statement, the Taliban vowed to wage war against “foreign forces and their military and intelligence infrastructure and against their mercenaries in the country.”

On Friday, April 21, dressed in Afghan military uniforms, the Taliban broke into the army base near the city of Mazar-I-Sharif. Killing at least 140 people.