Japan predicted the demographic collapse due to lack of sex

Due to the reduction in the birth rate, Japan may be short of 40 million people already by 2065. This was reported by Japanese scientists from the National Institute of research in the field of population and social security research results publishes The Independent.

According to experts, the 2016 was the first year since 1899, when the country was born less than million children. If current rates continue, by 2065 127 million population will shrink by almost a third.

Research 2016 showed that 70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women do not have a pair and not having sex.

Among the reasons for the current situation — the unwillingness and inability of the country’s young people to form families, and low levels of migration into the country. Mary Brinton, a Harvard sociologist of the Institute, observed: after the Second world war in Japanese society, man was made to work and woman to raise children.

But now women are also in the labour market, and therefore the inhabitants of the country of both sexes increasingly difficult to plan family life. In addition, Japan has traditionally taken more time to spend on work, sacrificing your personal life. Businessmen in 2008 expressed concerns that workers, the Japanese are not having sex, and called to rectify the situation.