European ally of the US threatened to stop sharing intelligence with Washington

Sergei Lavrov and Donald trump

An unnamed European ally of the US might stop sharing intelligence with Washington data. Reported by the Associated Press.

As noted, this will be the case, if it becomes clear that the President of the United States Donald trump shared with Russia classified information. The Agency did not specify what representative of the country told him about this warning, but such a reaction is the fear to disclose important source information.

May 16, The Washington Post reported that the us President revealed to the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, top-secret information about the activities of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia).

The newspaper, citing current and former officials says that information is jeopardized by some “the most important foreign source of intelligence” about ISIS, which is not allowed to share this information with Russia. It is also noted that trump allegedly revealed Moscow even more information than its allies.

Later, these data were rejected by the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Advisor to the President for national security Herbert McMaster. “The way describes the publication of this meeting is far from the truth. I was present during the conversation. The President and the Minister discussed, in particular, threats to civil aviation. In any form, at any time the actions of the intelligence services was not discussed,” said McMaster.

The trump explained: “As President, I wanted to share with Russia (publicly at a scheduled meeting at the White house) facts related to terrorism and aviation safety. I have every right”. He did not specify whether the transmitted information secret.