The Ministry of justice of Ukraine decided to arrest the property of “Gazprom”

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine decided to arrest the property of “Gazprom”

The Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine on appeal to the Antimonopoly Committee of the Republic took the decision to open the case on recovery of penalties from “Gazprom” in 6.4 billion. On Tuesday, may 16, reports TASS.

The representative of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) to court, Mikhail Novitsky said that the decision for commencement have been received. In addition, we are talking about the seizure of property. “There’s property, of course, will not on such a large sum, therefore, the Committee considered the possibility of recovery in another way,” he added.

Previously, on 16 may, the Supreme economic court of Ukraine has refused “to Gazprom” in satisfaction of the appeal against the decision of the courts of the previous instances, obliging to pay the fine and penalty imposed by the AMCU. Nowicki explained that this decision can be challenged in the Supreme court within three months.

The AMC contacted the Department of the public Executive service of the Ministry of justice with a demand to seize property and assets of “Gazprom” in Ukraine in late April. The plaintiff insisted on the recovery of a fine in the amount of $ 3.2 billion and penalties for late payment of the same amount. The Committee referred to the fact that the Russian side does not want to fulfill the requirement of the regulator on a voluntary basis.

The fine was imposed in 2015 for abuse of a monopoly position in gas transit. The AMC considered that the monopoly position of the Russian holding has led to infringement of interests of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. The Russian company said that “Gazprom” carries out business activities on the territory of Ukraine by passing the gas to “Naftogaz of Ukraine” on the Western border of Russia.