Actor Vladimir Etush celebrates the 95th anniversary of the Moscow theater

Actor Vladimir Etush celebrates the 95th anniversary of the Moscow theater

Soviet and Russian actor, people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Etush celebrates its 95th anniversary. Richter is one of the oldest actors in the world, which continues to go on stage.

Richter was born in Moscow in 1922. In the passport, as you know, he is the other date of birth — 1923. Thus, the mother, explained the actor, wanted to make sure that he later went into the army. On this account Etush jokes that he was born twice, both times successfully.

Personalizimi Etush

The actor himself admits that still feels in my 95 that had a lot to do professionally.

“Although I am a folk artist of the Soviet Union, laureate of the State and other awards, and still a hungry artist. I played everything you could play. I never had a good role. And the bad why play?”, — recently said Richter in an interview with “Arguments and Facts”.

He remembered how changed his life after the release made him famous Comedy by Leonid Gaidai, where he played the role Saahova: “After painting friends warned — they say, Caucasians and can be beat. And came to the market, almost on hands started to wear. From all sides surrounded, began vying with one another to treat. In General, quite the opposite has happened. Although, as I understand it, the Azeris believed that Caax Armenian, the Armenians, the Azerbaijanis, the Georgians, too, was taken not for her… And everyone was pleased. Especially me!”.

Among his other film credits, his role in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, “31 June”, “the adventures of Pinocchio”, “12 chairs”.

Richter is still working in the Moscow Vakhtangov theater, where he came after graduating from theatre school. For more than 70 years, he played more than 100 roles

In April 2017 he received theatrical prize “Golden mask” for outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art.

In your birthday Etush will play in the Vakhtangov theater main role in the play “benefit”.

In 1941, Vladimir Etush, then the volunteer in the first year of Theatre school. Shchukin, he volunteered for the front, but in 1943 he was seriously wounded and the reserve. In 1944 he returned to the fourth year of the school.

“Memories of war are always with me. They are very strong, bright. But to tell words about their experiences impossible. For me, the frontline battles ended in 1944 when I was discharged in connection with serious injuries. Quite a long treated, and then graduated from College and almost immediately joined the troupe of the Vakhtangov theater,” reminisced the actor in an interview with Russian media.