The Senator considered it a Declaration of war bill to US control over the ports of Primorye

Konstantin Kosachev

American the bill requiring the United States to control ports of the various countries to verify compliance with the sanctions regime against the DPRK is tantamount to a Declaration of war. This was reported by RIA Novosti on Friday, 5 may, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

According to him, implementation of the document “provides the power scenario with a forced inspection of the American warships all ships”. “This kind of power scenario boggles the mind, because it is a Declaration of war”, — said the Senator.

“This bill will, I hope, will never be implemented”, — said Kosachev.

On may 4, the house of representatives of the United States Congress approved a draft law paving the way for tougher sanctions against North Korea. He, in particular, requires a report on compliance with the conditions of the regime of restrictions ports of China (Dandong, Dalian), Iran (Abadan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr), Syria (Latakia, Tartus) and the Russian Primorye (Nakhodka, Vanino and Vladivostok).

The US government will have to conduct a more thorough check of the goods that are transported by the courts, who visited the DPRK, or that were transported through the port or airport, repeatedly convicted of failure to comply with UN security Council resolutions.

The bill must be approved by the Senate, and then sent to the White house for the President’s signature Donald Trump.

Earlier it was reported that Washington may respond to the last failed launch of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, accelerating its plans to enter new sanctions against Pyongyang.