Lavrov promised to finish “Islamic state”

Sergei Lavrov

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov promised to finish the group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), despite the fact that the terrorists do not want to give up. He told about it in interview to TV channel “Mir 24”.

According to Lavrov, IG settled in the middle East, North Africa, and North regions of Afghanistan that border the territory of its neighbours and allies of Russia.

He noted that the military units of the countries-CSTO members are in constant readiness for action. “Ready the Russian military base located in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. While this infection will not be destroyed, these priorities will be maintained,” stressed the foreign Minister.

The Minister recalled that six years ago the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking at a session of the UN General Assembly in new York, has asked its Western partners to create a United front against terrorism. Lavrov said that although the coalition is still not fully formed, the Russian leader remains in force.

International terrorist group “Islamic state” originated in 1999, Iraq, as “Jamaat al-Tauhid Val-Jihad”, and later spread also in the territory of Syria. The militants are also active in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Nigeria and some other countries.