In the jungle of Thailand found a lost batch of migrants from Myanmar

Archive photo

Thai police have arrested a 35 Myanmar citizens who were trying to smuggle to Malaysia and left in the woods. About it reports Reuters.

Residents of one village in the province of Nakhon si Thammarat informed the police about the strange people who roam the surrounding forests and going at the abandoned farm for the breeding of shrimp.

Arrived at the scene, police arrested 28 men and 7 women without documents. They said that they agreed with the smugglers, that they will take them to Malaysia, but mid-way they just tossed people out of the truck and drove away, leaving them in the jungle.

In March 2017, the Thai police also detained 27 people who were trying to sneak into Malaysia. Mostly illegal migrants belong to the Rohingya people, who live in the Western parts of Myanmar. As Muslims, the Rohingya complained of harassment on the part of the Buddhists-the Burmese and emigrate to a neighboring state.