In the United States when landing crashed cargo plane

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In the U.S. city of Charleston, West Virginia, crashed during landing cargo plane. About it reports NBC News.

The turboprop Short 330 was landing at the airport of Yeager. One wing of the machine touched the ground in front of the runway, then the airplane rolled over and entered the forest. On Board were two people — the pilot and co-pilot, both of them died.

According to airport staff, the crew showed no alarms and no reported faults or potential issues during landing. The plane belonged to the company Air Cargo Carriers Inc., working as a subcontractor for a logistics company United Parcel Service (UPS).

Yeager airport is closed, there is declared an emergency.

Short 330 British short-haul turboprop aircraft. Produced in passenger and cargo versions. Until 1984, it was built 136 cars currently in operation remain 14 aircraft of this type, half of which belongs to Air Cargo Carriers Inc.