In Tajikistan explained the failure to carry out the action “Immortal regiment”

In Tajikistan explained the failure to carry out the action “Immortal regiment”

DUSHANBE, may 5 — RIA Novosti, Lidia Isamova. State national information Agency of Tajikistan (NIAT) “Khovar” has issued a statement saying that the action “Immortal regiment” was not in the plans for the celebration of Victory Day in Tajikistan.

According to the statement, the continuation of the war in the border areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan does not allow for the additional shares, except for those scheduled at Victory Park.

In addition, according to Islamic tradition it was unacceptable to go outside and avenues with portraits of the dead, this action is contrary to Islamic values.

“In recent days, Republican and foreign mass media published different points of view about what the action “Immortal regiment” will be taken. Brought to the attention of the media, what about carrying out on may 9 of the Victory Day the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon a month ago instructed the responsible persons to hold the event at a high political level in Victory Park. The President approved the action plan and the scenario of a military parade, with the appropriate authorities started organizational work and cultural events. However, about the action “Immortal regiment” nothing taken, since this action was initiated by individual non-governmental organizations”, — said in a statement NIAT “Khovar”.

“We ask some “friends” right in the first place to clarify the situation related to promotion, and then make the decision on her promotion. In any country the political and cultural events are held in the framework of the current legislation”, — stated in the conclusion statement.

Meanwhile, in the Tajik segment of Facebook residents of the capital of Tajikistan actively discussing the campaign and say they will participate, despite the ban of the authorities.

Earlier the national Committee of veterans of war and labor stated that it had filed an application for holding the action “Immortal regiment” in the Dushanbe mayor’s office three months ago. According to the Committee, it was agreed the route of action, safety issues. On Tuesday, as stated by the veterans Committee, they reported in the city hall that the action will not be allowed. On Wednesday the press-Secretary of city hall abdumajid Usmonov said that while the municipality was not formally forbidden action, the question is regarded by the management of the capital.

In a statement, the Agency emphasized that, “according to the instructions of the President, the Ministry of defence and other security forces are preparing for military parade which will take place in “Victory Park”. The parade will also involve servicemen of the 201st Russian military base”.

The parade will be the Commander in chief of the Armed forces of Tajikistan, President Rahmon. The parade will take place in the presence of parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps, Prime Minister and members of the government. Also on this day in “Victory Park” will be held mass celebrations and a concert of the Metropolitan youth. Law enforcement agencies will provide security of participants of the celebrations.

In Tajikistan survived 443 participant and invalids of the second world war, and due to health and old age not all of them physically able to participate in the festive celebrations. In this regard, the President instructed the authorities to provide all possible financial assistance and to congratulate the veterans at their place of residence. Also each participant of the great Patriotic war on behalf of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan allocated 3 thousand somoni ($340).

The ninth of may in Russia and abroad already for the tenth time will be held public action “Immortal regiment”. It is a March, during which people carry pictures of their relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war. Last year, marches took place in 50 countries. Russia has about 24 million people took to the streets with portraits of their relatives-veterans.