Beautiful shy Tatiana Samoilova. What could be a career actress

Beautiful shy Tatiana Samoilova. What could be a career actress

Tatyana Samoylova loved Picasso, but he promised the picture, she did not wait. She was waiting for Hollywood, but the authorities are not allowed to leave for shooting. It was long ignored, and then suggested the “idiot’s role”.

And yet Samoilova remained in the memory as one of the most beautiful Actresses of the XX century in the world.

Tatiana Samoilova was born may 4, 1934 in Leningrad. When she was 3 years old, the family moved to Moscow.

To dance or play

In his youth, Tatiana wanted to be a dancer and with great enthusiasm went to the ballet Studio Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. I must say, hope she showed considerable. Once she Maya Plisetskaya, seeing Tatyana at the rehearsal, invited the girl to learn ballet skills in the Studio of the Bolshoi theatre.

But by the time the shooting abruptly changed his mind about his future.

She realized that she attracted to her movie. Who knows if she would have gone the way of dance, the world would be one great ballerina and more. But she dreamed of becoming an actress to play dramatic, serious roles. Maybe talking genes. Her father, the legendary Soviet actor Yevgeny Samoilov, the entire Soviet audience knew the famous pictures of the “Shchors”, “Heart four”, “shining path”, etc.

The film8.2 the cranes are Flying

Dream Samoilova become as famous as his father, come true very quickly. She didn’t even need to play many roles.

Immediately after the film by Mikhail Kalatozov “the cranes are Flying” (on a play by Rozov “Forever alive”) the actress really learned the whole country. The heroine Samoilova — yesterday’s student who loses his parents in the war. Soviet to the public liking and the picture, and the young actress who played Veronica.

But the “top” film “the cranes are Flying.” General Secretary Khrushchev publicly called heroine Samoilova “whore”. For many years Tatyana Samoylova was very offended by this assessment of her work, she repeatedly talked about this in a television interview, believing that Khrushchev was unfair to the actors, hanging these labels.

A Phony Picasso

But abroad people are, in the opinion of Tatiana E., bole was penetrating against her. At the XI International film festival Cannes the painting “the cranes are Flying” received a “Palme d’or”.

There Samoilov presented to the artist Pablo Picasso. The actress later said in an interview with “AIF” that the impression she had mixed. The artist is constantly smoked, without asking permission from the ladies. The wizard was surprised that the smell of cigarette smoke can disturb others. Picasso repeated over and over, talking with Tatiana Samoilova that he fell in love with her, her eyes bottomless as the ocean, and he wants them to drown.

The artist a few nights devoted to what he wrote portrait of the actress. But did as he was quite peculiar — extravagant: at the last moment decided not to give the work Samoilova. Said it best it will leave the portrait as a souvenir.

In recognition Samoilova, she was not offended by the artist due to the fact that he didn’t give her the promised portrait. Pablo was behaving so strange throughout their communication, what to expect from it all. Picasso his behavior was explained by the fact that today Samoylova agreed to pose for him, but tomorrow he will not persuade to become his model. Because today, he added, Samoilova walks along the street and nobody knows and takes her autograph. And tomorrow, predicted a Picasso, “you will become world famous and a luxurious car will go to the city of Paradise”.

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The Spaniard almost foresaw the development of events. At the film festival in 1957 in Paris, Tatiana Samoilova loved the French public and critics for the film “the cranes are Flying”. She was awarded the special jury prize “Orange tree” as “the Most modest and charming actress”.

Moreover, in the garden belonging to the Royal court, planted two trees marked “Tatiana Samoilova”. This honor until then was given only to the great French actors. Many years later Tatiana Evgenievna sent to Moscow from Paris, oranges and tangerines. Which was very handy — at the end of life the actress lived not even to say that poor, and practically starving. She has spent a lot on medicines. And her son to help on a regular basis could not, because he at that moment had settled in America, trying to make a career of a doctor.

Interestingly, if not for the iron curtain, and Tatyana Yevgenyevna could work and even live in the United States. Immediately after the triumph in France she was offered to play in Hollywood adaptation of “Anna Karenina.” And in the partners she was offered the famous actor Gerard Philip. We can only guess what kind of splash could produce these two — Samoylova-and Philip Karenina-Vronsky.

Of course, Tatiana Samoilova was delighted with the proposal — this actor good luck happens once in a lifetime. She appealed to the Soviet chinonachalie with the timid hope that it will still go on shooting in America. Followed by a categorical refusal. Moreover, a warning that “there is nothing to entertain dreams to turn up on the bourgeois West,” said one official, many years Samoilova was not allowed to play in the USSR. Actress came nearly every week on “Mosfilm”. “If something happens we’ll call you.” And hasn’t called in years, months.

Sacrificed children for the sake of the movie

And yet, fate relented to the actress. In 1967, she still played Anna Karenina. For the role she had to lose at the request of the Director Alexander Zarkhi more than 10 kg, because in this case, her face acquired “aristocratic thinness”. As an actress, she was so happy to be back in the movie, and even in a role you always dreamed about that for a long time just sitting on the water, if only the Director was satisfied with the appearance.

The FilmAnna Karenina 7.7

Famous actor Vasily Lanovoy played Vronsky. By the time Tatiana Samoilova and Lanovoy already divorced. They have been a student and married, in his youth, they loved each other and lived together for 6 years. Then Samoilov has an abortion — they should have been born twins. But the actress found that they are quite poor, and her health is weak. This drove the first wedge in their relationship. And then began the illness — health was really unenviable.

I must admit that after many years the actress bitterly regretted that I broke up with Vasily Semenovich, was called as the main and the biggest love of his life. It is worth saying that the picture was accepted with enthusiasm and Samoilov considered one of the best Karenin in the world of cinema.

Kuznetsova was married several times — as a writer, a circus administrator. But, as she believed the men she came across some not the same. Outlet and the meaning of life for Samoilova was the son Mitya, whom she gave birth quite late. Did not bring happiness and film in recent years, she played the “stupid” role, as the actress herself called them. It was the role of mothers bandits, etc.

In the last years of her life newspaper was informed that Kuznetsova was out for a walk and got lost, looking for her colleagues and returned home — she lived near the House of Cinema on Vasilevsky. Lived very poorly and only at the end of her life she was lucky — one of the television programs, do the repair of celebrities, incredibly beautifully designed living room of the artist. Everywhere hung portraits of her in the images of “the cranes are Flying”, “Unsent letters”, “Anna Karenina”, and staged photos of the young Tatiana, who shined once such unusual beauty.

Samoilova died on the day when born, may 4. She was 80 years old.