“And Sergei, too.” Foreign brands in commercials of the 90s

“And Sergei, too.” Foreign brands in commercials of the 90s

May 4, 1988, the Corporation Pepsi the first Western companies placed a promotional video on the Soviet Central television.

Video Pepsi in 1988 became the first foreign advertising product in the history of Soviet television, but also other brands not have to wait long. “And Sergei, too, Water was without taste, without taste, without color, without smell”, “This sweet name gives holiday and fun” — these and other slogans from the advertising of the 90s still smile at older people.

Aephi remember the first commercials of foreign brands in the domestic TV.


No one brand can boast the same number of stars that have starred in ads like Pepsi. In different years non-alcoholic carbonated beverage sold Madonna, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, Cindy Crawford, Ronaldinho, David Beckham and many others.

And the first celebrity on a global scale that appeared in the advertisement of a cold drink was Michael Jackson.

As musical accompaniment for commercials Jackson was used reworked his song “Billie Jean”, in which the king of pop said that Pepsi is the choice of a new generation.


While the authors of the domestic commercials was drawn to satire, the basis of Western PR lay a real philosophy. For example, one of the first promotional video Stimorol popularized not so much chewing gum, how much happy life.

Viewers witnessed love stories, and although 62 second clip did not sound a single word about Stimorol chewing gum in the minds of viewers has become the main symbol of success and happiness.

“Kuku ruku”

The wafers “cook hand” appeared in the 80’s, but thanks to aggressive advertising of the company and the sub-label, quickly became the leader of the “waffle” of the market.

“This sweet name gives holiday and fun” — sung in the commercials, who in the early ‘ 90s were shown on the national TV. Unpretentious song was boring not less than a fashionable hit “Mushrooms” “the ice is Melting”, and children begged their parents to buy them not cheap home-made waffles, and the trendy “Kuku ruku”.


The agreement on opening of restaurants “McDonald’s” in the USSR was signed in 1988, and the first fast food restaurant has appeared in Moscow already in 1990. In those years, hundreds of Soviet citizens lined up to try the legendary big Mac, and the flames were fanned by advertising.


In the 90-ies of the main audio content of videos Snickers was the song of the legendary British rock group Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction” (fun.). A Russian version of advertising a candy bar, the main role was performed by the star of domestic football in those years Igor Dobrovolskiy.


In the mid-1990s, all the screens of the country regularly sounded the famous is about the birthday “and holiday are not similar, while not a Yippie”. It is noteworthy that the song from the video was so catchy that it is still remembered, and that powder drink is also still made, know one.


Rare family could afford to buy the original Barbie with the Hollywood hair, but all girls dream about such a toy. And while some enjoyed watching a bright infomercial, others repainted the hair and my usual dolls.


Advertising campaign “everybody likes Mamba! And Sergei, too” on Russian TV has become one of the brightest symbols of the 90s. However, the “Mamba” was loved not only our Kolya and Serezha, but also thousands of other children: multi-colored candies sold in 80 countries around the world.