Putin dismissed the Deputy head of the emergencies Ministry and several generals of the security forces

Vladimir Artamonov

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree dismissing several high-ranking officials and generals in the power Department. The text of the document published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the decree, from the post of Deputy Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Artamonov released. In addition, from the post of Deputy head of the National center for crisis management emergency response MOE dismissed major-General Sergey Vorontsov.

Changes have occurred in the regional authorities. From the post of first Deputy head of the Investigative Committee for Bashkiria released Colonel Rome Gabdullin. The General-the major of justice Aleksey Evdokimov dismissed from the post of the head of management SKR across the Ulyanovsk region.

Lieutenant-General Gregory Zheludov was removed from the post of chief of the Department of Federal service of execution of punishments on the Perm edge. Major-General Sergey Caddow dismissed from the post of Director of the Department of supervision and preventive work of the Ministry.

In addition, the President dismissed the Deputy head of the Moi for the Irkutsk region the General-major Oleg Knaus, as well as chief inspector of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-major Sergey Kulukina. The General-the major of police Victor Butylkin left the post of Deputy head of main Department of internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region.

The same decree the President has appointed Nikolay Savchenko, the head of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro.

Also Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service, head of Department of detention facilities under the Central government appointed Vladimir Burykin.