Le Pen asked the Makron title “sauce for eating French”

Marine Le Pen

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “national front” marine Le Pen called on his opponent, the leader of movement “Forward” of Emmanuel Macron to tell who he intends to appoint a Prime Minister. About it reports on Monday, may 1, Europe1.

According to Le Pen, her “the enemy will not dare to announce who he will appoint”, not to “scare the French”.

“I ask him again to tell us the truth and explain under what sauce he wants is French. Who will be his Prime Minister, how many socialist MPs will be involved in his movement in the parliamentary elections?” she said, speaking in the suburbs of Paris.

Earlier on may 1, both candidates spoke of finding France in the European Union. Le Pen said that the EU is becoming a “totalitarian organization”, and so it must be replaced by “the European Alliance”. Macron warned that if the EU cannot be reformed, it does not exclude Frexit — France’s withdrawal from the EU (Brexit analogy).

On 29 April it became known that the “national front” forms electoral Alliance with movement “get Up, France.” Its leader, Nicolas DuPont-Aignan in the event of his victory, Le Pen has promised to appoint a Prime Minister.

In the first round of the French presidential elections, which took place April 23, macron scored 24,01 percent of the vote, Le Pen — 21.3 percent. The second round will be held on 7 may.

Parliamentary elections held in the country in two rounds 11 and 18 June. They will take place against the background of falling popularity of the ruling socialist party. Its representatives expressed support for the Macron in the presidential election.