Biker Surgeon complained about Polish machine gunners

Russian bikers “Road to Victory — Berlin” club “Night wolves” changed your route after the problems on the Polish border. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” with reference to the movement’s leader, Alexander Zaldostanov, known as the Surgeon.

According to him, the convoy encountered problems at the border in the Kaliningrad region. “From the column pulled out deliberately “Night wolves”, was rendered visas, unwrapped ago. Was brought there whole tent, decorations in the form of 28 armed commandos with submachine circus made our detention,” said the biker.

“We go now another way, not to risk in Poland and cross the border there, in Brest, and went the other route, too, to go, and then the column will merge”, he added.

Earlier, another representative of the movement — Evgeny Strogov — reported that motorcyclists are unable to enter the territory of Poland. Russian bikers, according to him, “suspected of involvement in extremist organization”. The participants from the European offices of the club, as well as citizens of Belarus were able to cross the border, and took part in the planned activities.

The rally “Roads of Victory to Berlin!” was launched on April 27 in Moscow and is scheduled to end may 9 in Berlin. Motorcycle convoy with flags of Victory through Minsk, Brest, Warsaw, Auschwitz, Prague, Dresden and other cities.