The Minister of housing and communal services of the Russian Federation told where to settle Moscow “Khrushchev”

Residents of “Khrushchev”, which was scheduled for demolition to build new houses, will not drive out in the new Moscow, said the Minister of construction and housing Russian Mikhail Men in an interview with TASS. He noted that the resettlement will be quarterly, and not a point that is near the houses that will be demolished, it will create the “agile Fund”.


There were displaced people from the second of the neighborhood, destined for demolition, and so on. According to the official people who will be evicted, move into a new home that will be located near the usual place of residence.


According to the Minister, the project will last about 15-20 years, it is bound to change for the better appearance of the city.

Photo: kirillbykanin / instagram