The mayor of Makhachkala, accused of the brutal inhabitants in the killings of stray dogs

Residents of Makhachkala more than a week to shoot stray dogs. About it the representative of the municipality of the capital of Dagestan announced on Monday, February 27, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“Animals kill people, the citizens. I do not understand why the police do nothing. Residents we have, frankly, insane. It is unambiguous that the leadership of the city will remain”, — said the press service of the city administration, adding that in the coming days, the city will open a new shelter for stray dogs.

The killings started after on the outskirts of Makhachkala found the corpse of a child, who died from wounds, incompatible with life. According to preliminary data, the child died from the bites of stray dogs.

In the organization of animal rights activists all over the city began to receive reports about violence against animals. “We have daily shoot animals, we find corpses all the time in the city. Even the domestic animals”, — said Elmira Hajiyeva, the volunteer centre for the protection of animals “Zoolayf”, in an interview for “Moscow speaking”.

In social networks began to appear actively group calling for the murder of dogs, and the police takes no action, explaining that “the actions of the citizens agreed.” Animal rights activists are not enough places for keeping and treatment of injured animals, the volunteer added.

On February 19 in one of the residential areas in the capital of Dagestan, was found dead by a nine year old girl with multiple wounds on the body. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case connected with “negligence, entailed on imprudence death of the person”. As reports the edition “New newspaper”, the exact cause of death of the girl will be known only after the results of forensic medical examination, which will be ready in March.