South Korea will deploy a THAAD missile defense system on the Golf courses

THAAD missile defense system

South Korea chose the territory Golf club in the County Seongju County as a location for high-tech anti-missile system THAAD. Company Lotte Group has agreed to provide their land for the deployment of a missile defense system. On Monday, 27 February, reports The South China Morning Post, citing sources in South Korean defense Ministry.

The Golf course is located 18 kilometers North of the administrative center Congo and located at an altitude of 680 metres above sea level.

THAAD was originally planned to place on the military anti-aircraft base “Seongsan”, but strongly against the decision made by the local authorities and the population.

It is noted that a new location away from residential areas.

South Korea plans to launch the THAAD system by the end of 2017. In July of 2016, Washington and Seoul have agreed to deploy high-tech anti-missile system, which if necessary will intercept ballistic missiles of North Korea.

The deployment of THAAD concern China and Russia.