The US plans to increase military spending by 54 billion dollars

The US administration has planned to increase the military spending of 54 billion dollars. About it reports on Monday, February 27, Reuters.

To increase the military budget planned primarily due to the reduction of international aid programs. Earlier on February 27, it was reported that funding cuts could affect U.S. state Department and the Agency for environmental protection.

One of the sources of the Agency said that the proceeds will go, in particular, for the construction of warships needed for the US presence in the crucial sea lanes, including the Strait of Hormuz and the South China sea (SCS).

In turn, the representative of management and budget the White house John Czwartacki (John Czwartacki) said that it is only the draft of the financial plan and yet do not give comments on specific items of expenditure.

Now the document passes coordination in different departments, the final version must be submitted in mid-March. After that, the budget must be approved by Congress.