Olga Golodets has offered to change the form of school classes

Olga Golodets has offered to change the form of school classes

Vice-Premier of Russia Olga Golodets at the Russian investment forum in Sochi, said that the time has come to abandon the rectangular classes.

“Wrong, we have classes designed, we have them all rectangular. Because there is a habit that a teacher stands in front, and behind him hangs a plaque, and all the kids sitting in rows like we were in childhood. To form a project approach to build the team and lead to achieve the goal, children have to sit differently, and need to operate differently”, — TASS quoted the MS Golodets.

Speaking at a session devoted to problems of education, the Deputy Prime Minister also expressed the view that the teacher should not stand at the blackboard. “It seems that this is a formality and nuance, but it sets a completely different meaning to the educational process. The teacher becomes a mentor, and he helps the child to develop their individuality and talent, and this brand new direction in the education system”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Olga Golodets, the ideal class would be a square

“Are we ready for the question and how to move from one point to another? I think this is the most difficult issue today. But I think that we in Russia have a huge background to it. We have many teachers who are looking for, you know,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.