Hatred of Russia and gas at exorbitant prices: what is being built on independence in Ukrainian

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has decided to attract the attention of the European community. At the Munich conference, he accused the Russian President in the hatred of Ukraine, forgetting that earlier the head of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that sooner or later our relationship will be normalized.


For three years, armed with slogans of independence, the Kiev government scares European leaders, Russian aggression, substituting concepts and breaking all ties, even to their detriment.


Even the Square buys gas from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. That’s just the gas this only the documents provided by the European. In fact, the fuel is all the same, Russian, and sell it to Ukraine’s Western partners are overpriced: for every thousand cubic meters Kiev pays $ 185, while the direct supply from Russia would cost 140 dollars.


Then the government of Ukraine decided to become independent of Russian export and import. After the signing of the Association agreement with the European Union, it seemed that a little more and the market Square will flood of cheap European goods, but Ukrainian enterprises will be sold in the EU their products.


The opposite happened – goods from Europe were expensive for the impoverished population of Ukraine and Ukrainian products in the Old world don’t need.


On the European market, it looks like Ukraine will come not soon, and Russian it has already almost completely lost. This turned out to be “independence in Ukrainian.”


Why Kiev authorities are once again trying to deceive the world community openly distorting the facts? And why the independence Square is built on hatred of Russia? The answers in the program “Special article”. See on Tuesday, 28 February at 21:35 on TV channel “Star”.

Author: Alexey Gudoshnikov

Photo: Emeric Fohlen / Globallookpress