Golodets counted 5 million receive a salary at the level of the minimum wage Russians

Olga Golodets

Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Olga Golodets said that about five million people get paid the minimum wage (SMIC), reports “Interfax”.

“At the level of the minimum Wage in the Russian Federation has 4.9 million people, and today the minimum wage in Russia is below subsistence level. Bring the pay levels up to competitive give significant gain and production, and the economy, and people,” — said Golodets at the investment forum in Sochi.

Deputy Prime Minister added that because of the cheapness of labor in Russia is unprofitable to invest in innovative production technologies.

The value of the minimum wage in Russia amounted to 7.5 thousand rubles, but from July 1 it will increase by four percent to 7.8 thousand rubles a month. The size of the subsistence minimum in the country is 9776 rubles, for able-bodied population — 10 524 rubles.