The builders of the Crimean bridge boasted the increase in the number of dolphins

The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait in the Crimea

The number of dolphins in the Kerch Strait increased sharply in connection with the construction of the bridge. On Monday, February 27, according to information center “the Crimean bridge”. According to environmentalists in the region, mammals attracted increasing forage base associated with the active growth of algae and other marine vegetation on the piles of the bridge.

The number of fish in the area since the beginning of the construction of the bridge has increased 10 times. “Dolphins, without exaggeration, became companions of construction. During ichthyological studies in November 2016, the total abundance of dolphins in the waters of the Kerch Strait exceeds 1000, including about 200 dolphins in black sea”, — reported the information centre chief engineer for environmental protection, Federal agencies “Taman” Oksana Fursova.

According to the environmentalists, is dominated by the number of dolphins belobochka side of the sea of Azov are more common mass stranding of harbour porpoise (or porpoises).

The bridge project was proposed in August 2008, and in mid-2015, construction started.

The bridge across the Kerch Strait will connect Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. Its total length is 19 miles, making the bridge the longest in Russia. According to the plan, traffic on it will launch in 2018 and a train in 2019.